Sunday, April 15, 2007

I'm Lollygagging!

I really should work on my taxes. Instead, I figured I would venture out and try to figure out how to put my old header back into my blog. Thanks to help from this site, I was able to accomplish that. I like my google header. That was a lot of work!

I feel so much better now.

This afternoon, I'm heading to Chesterfield Town Center with Janine to do some volenteer work. Basically we're going to be cleaning up old glasses and sending them out to people that really need them. I'm not sure what I'll be doing, but I'm sure it involves cleaning them. I doubt they'll show me how to figure out the prescription, that's too technical.

Last night, Janine and I went to see Meet the Robinsons in 3D. I never thought they'd bring that back, but it's really well done. You do eventually get used to it, but at first, holy shit the robot is coming for me! It's a really good movie though, and I highly recomend seeing it in all its 3D glory.

I'm also keeping a weather eye out this morning. I told Janine last fall that we were due this winter for a big noreaster and a blizzard. Ok, I was wrong, kinda. That storm though, is here now. It's swirling off the Atlantic's just 2 months too late. I feel smart.

I'm debating where to take Janine to dinner tonight. We are getting really close to our 1 year annivesary, well techincally we started talking over a year ago now, I'm just trying hard to figure otu when that first date was. We went to Wonderland and had a few beers and hung out. That was a very, very good day. I'll never forget it. Now if I can just remember the date!


  1. take her to outback and have a blooming onion for me... and BIG DADDY will win again today!!!!

  2. Big Daddy will win because of the chickenshit way they set up the field when there's weather problems. I cry foul!

    3 in a row for me! I'm so close!