Sunday, April 22, 2007

Pondering Vacations (again)

(Hehe, Neaners was here)

And now back to your regularly scheduled blog.

Last night, I was pricing packages to Vegas and I guess I'm cheap. Just to start, it's going to cost over a thousand dollars just for flight and hotel! Ouch! Janine has been trying to talk me into considering a trip to Atlantic City instead. It's not that we're looking for some place to gamble, I can do that from home, online, it's just that the Vegas experience is so addicting.

We're looking at around a 7 hour drive to Atlantic City and just booking hotels, I found a great deal at Harrah's, which is an awesome casino. I loved the one in Vegas, and from the looks of it, people really enjoy staying at their Jersey location. So a trip in June does not seem out of the question at all.

Considering I'm so burned out from work, it just couldn't come too soon. Janine and I both need another break, and this looks like the break we're both looking for.


  1. Ya know, before I actually went to Vegas, I always wondered why people were almost obsessive about going back and soon. I understood it after we went.

    But still, there's a part of me that says, "Well, yeah, going back to Vegas would be nice, but how about we go see something else? Vegas will be there when we're old and used up. And just think! I can park my old ass with my walker between two machines and play them at the same time! And if anyone gets in the way, my husband can run over them with his electric wheelchair!"

  2. Somehow I can visualize that day. Drinking cocktails, shaking your cup of quarters, cussing out the machines.

    All you'd need is that deep smoker old lady voice...then you'll be set.