Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Irreverance Pt 1

Playing around with RSS feeds can be a bit tedious. I am going crazy, however, over Google Reader. I've even put a widgit in my blog that will highlight stories that I read over the course of the day. Once a week, or so, I'm going to comment on those stories, if anything to explain why such things would fascinate me. Over time, I'm even going to start my own podcast highlighting those stories.

And away we go! (I"m not posting hyperlinks, go to my sidebar and click them yourself)

Google is rumored to plans for purchasing FeedBurner for 100 million dollars. Google is freaking everywhere now as you can see they pretty much own my daily internets. With FeedBurner, Google is sure to jump head first into the podcasting market and pretty much every local and corporate podcast runs through Feedburner. Kudos to Google!

iPhone is going to ship at this point on June 20th. A phone that runs Apple software. A year ago I would have laughed, but now I know for sure that Apple, Inc, is going to be a monster in the mobile market. I'm kicking myself for not buying that stock 10 years ago!

Firefox now has 25% of the internet browser share. That's awesome! As you all know I preach the gospel of Firefox anytime I can. IE has come a long way, but it is no where near as healthy of a browser as Firefox is. Have I mentioned lately how people really should start using Firefox?

The winner of a new reality show on Dutch TV is going to receive a kidney. I'm not even going to touch this one. I've tried kidney before and it tastes terrible. No clue why someone would want to compete for a bland tasteless kidney....bland tasteless television. There are better ways to raise awareness about organ donation, people!

A new study reveals that female cheetahs sleep around. Again, this isn't really news to me. I mean they are "cheetahs". Way to spend money, reasearching people.

See? This was fun, always be sure to check my shared stories because they will at least entertain, if not enlighten. And I'm all about enlights!

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