Sunday, May 13, 2007

It's Mother's Day!

I've said many times how fortunate I am to have such great, loving parents. I may not have grown up in the best environment, but they both did the best they could to take care of my brother and me.

Over the past 5 years, I've been scared out of my wits because of my Mother's various illnesses, but over the past 8 months, she's been doing better than she has in a long, long time. Heck, she's even thinking about visiting Janine and me over the next couple weeks. This would have been unheard of around Christmas, 2005, because at that time, Dad was telling me to come over to say my farewells to her. She's now back to her old self again....or as I call her, the original smartass!

Judy has been a rock, and my strongest supporter through all the bad and stupid decisions I've made in my life, my loudest but most constructive critic, and the one person I can talk to after a bad day and know that everything is going to be allright. A blog post certainly cannot express how much gratitude and awe I have for this woman, but on this day I give thanks for being so blessed.

I recenty contacted Channel 10 WAVY in Norfolk to see if I could obtain tapes of a show that my Mom frequented in the late 50's. It was a live program called Dance Show, and from that show, a little known program called American Bandstand was born. She was part of that first revolution in modern may have even heard of this rock n roll experiment.

She loved Elvis, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, The Big Bopper, Buddy Holly, you name it, she was eating it up. She even met my dad at a sock hop. It's the classic story of a girl in a purple hoop skirt falling head over heels in love with a black haired, biker bad boy who had served his time in jail and the Navy. She said he could do the Mashed Potato better than anyone she had ever seen!

At any rate, WAVY did not archive those live programs, but that would have been such a wonderful gift. But as she says, the best gifts in life are the memories that we keep.

So today I honor Miss Judy, my pillar and my friend.

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