Friday, May 11, 2007


I've been pretty outspoken about how outdated the business model is for the Recording Industry and the Motion Picture Association is, but the perverbial shit hit the fan last week, when a user posted the HD DVD encryption on Digg. I frequent Digg daily to get my dose of geek, and as you can see in my sidebar, you can even see the stories that I've dugg.

One of the founders of Digg, and the public face of the company, Kevin Rose, has been under fire from Digg users for pulling the article after he received a cease warning from the big faceless copyright board. Kevin eventually put the post back on his website, and now the next battle begins.

As many of you know, Windows recently released their latest operating system, Vista, which pretty much bows to the demands of content owners and their legal armies and they along with HD providers had made extra steps in preventing such cracks from getting out. Anyone with half a brain knows however, that these things were meant to be cracked.

Now bloggers everywhere are posting the code, to make a statement, that it is time for things to change. It's time to update the copyright laws so that content can be shown in many more ways than they are being shown now.

That code you ask?

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  1. I love your rebellious side but should we start saving up for a lawyer now? I have another code for you, 1,2,3,4,5 it's the code to my luggage. : O