Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Show Notes

Last Friday when Sam and Jessi came into town, we all met up at Red Lobster for dinner before going to see SpiderMan 3. At the table Sam and I immediately started talking about the geekiest things that we could possibly talk about.

So, in the name of education, I figured I'd go over this geek talk and explain what it all meant. Gene and I would blow everyone away whenever we talked about apps and software and music, so without further adieu, I give you show notes from The Sam and Mike Show!

Sam has recently installed Ubuntu linux on his PC. He's been having problems which are very unusual with his wireless Internet card. He basically had to switch to a hard line connection which means instead of computing wirelessly, he was plugged into the router through his ethernet.

Apparently the problem is somewhere within Windows, because the wireless card works perfectly fine with Linux. I think there's something up with the drives, but that's still a mystery to me.

I was unable to install Ubuntu on my desktop because my computer is so old, but I did reinstall Suse Linux on my desktop which works perfectly.

I asked Sam, who is an avid gamer, if he was planning on doing any gaming on Ubuntu. Linux is not known yet to be a gaming platform, most people just stick with Windows, but he is aware and is going to try to put some games on his Linux machine. We both know that Doom, Quake and a few other games are able to work with Linux and I told him that I've played those games and Unreal Tournament on my machine. Of course, with my dinosaur of a machine, gaming just isn't an option. He also is not a big fan of playing PC games, so we both agree consoles are the way to go.

Sam has an XBox 360, which he not only uses for gaming, but he streams his media content into his high def TV. That is the way I want to go as well, but I don't see myself in the immediate future, dropping 600 bucks for that console...at least not until I have a high definition TV. For now, Janine and I agree that having a Wii would be the most fun for both of us.

We went into detail about other things, but those were the focus of our conversations over the past weekend. Maybe next time, I'll just carry a recorder with me and I'll make a podcast. I think I'll call it the SaMikeCast....how dorky is that?!?

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