Saturday, May 5, 2007


I thought I'd leave a quick post.

Jessi and Sam arrived around 5:30 yesterday afternoon. We met at the Red Lobster on Hull Street, which I still think is the coolest Red Lobster that I've ever visited. I mean where else can you sit next to an aquarium full of fish and force them to watch you

We then rushed out to catch Spider Man 3. I, for some still unknown reason, had Sam preorder tickets for the Broad Street theater which was a mess when we got there. There may have been 4 seats, but they were scattered all over the place! Janine saved the day by going to the manager and getting us bumped to the 8 o'clock SpiderMan. That was a relief!

The movie itself if jam packed with geeky goodness, if anything, there may be too much goodness. Plot twist after twist...after twist...after twist. But I enjoyed the movie, and it is by far the best of the trilogy.

Afterwards, Jessi and Sam followed us home. I'm so glad that we got the upstairs decent enough for them to sleep up there. Right now, everyone's sleeping, but when we all get going, we'll go get breakfast and check out downtown Richmond. Sam wants to see the biggest, baddest comic shop in town, so I have to figure out where exactly that is!

Good times. I'll post more next week. Don't forget that I often Twitter quick entries, so keep an eye open for my sidebar if you don't see new content here.

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