Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day!

Dad with Red at our last visit
I just can never say enough how lucky I am to be Lawrence's son. I know the man so well, which is why I'm going to post about his day, before even calling him, and I know I'll hit his day head on.
He got up around 8AM, he loves to sleep in on Sunday, it's his one day to do so. Normally he's up before 5AM. He'll let the dog out and turn the TV on. Sometimes he'll put his radio on so he can listen to gospel is Sunday.
Around 9:30, he'll hop in the shower and get dressed for church. Mom will have bacon and eggs ready for him when he's dressed. They'll say a prayer together where they pray for my brother and his wife and for Janine and I, and he'll eat and head off to church.
Being as active as he is in the church, and well..just being Lawrence, he'll spend the first 30 minutes at church getting barraged by his friends. Then he'll gather them all together in the main sancutary and lead the Sunday School lesson for the senior adults. He'll challenge them today to be the best dads and grandads that they can be, and dismiss them.
Then you'll hear him bellowing music from the choir as church begins. He'll nod and "amen" all during the sermon, then it's time for more socializing. He'll get barraged again, usually by one of the Piersons who will talk about something related to either farming or hunting. There's usually nothing more complex in any of his conversations than fixing some kind of gas powered machine or shooting at things.
Dad will go home around 1PM. Mom may have some lunch ready for him. Usually if she's not up to it, he'll just snack on something he got from Wal Mart. He'll then let the dog out again, and head out into the back yard to feed his hunting dogs, which he named Dave. He keeps his neighbors dog too, her name is Flip. He'll peek around next door to talk to his sister and brother and law to see if they're doing ok.
On a day like today, he'll probably sneak into the back room, put it on the race and veg out until dinner. Mom will probably make chicken. This is the one day in the week that this man will sit down for longer than 30 minutes. This man is also 65 years old, and he's also my Dad. And I am so very blessed to know this simple, country man.
Happy Father's Day, definately deserve this lazy day!

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