Saturday, June 2, 2007

For Kelly 2007

As many of you know from reading my blog, I have posted about my good friend and coworker Kelly quite a bit. From the times that he took me home after work when I didn't have a car, to the blog monster that I helped to create.

Last year, I took Kelly's challenge and posted for pride month, a picture that he took of his front yard with his American and Gay Pride flags. I'm doing the same this year, not just because I know him personally and it's a good gesture, but hopefully to raise some awareness this month to learn, to find ways, to practice celebrating diversity and tolerance for people from many different backgrounds. The great men and women in our era did not earn their mark from persecution but from rising above persecution and accepting people for who they are.

The picture the he took earlier this year represents the many forces of nature coming together to create one phenomenon. Kelly's dream is that we all come together, from all of our various backgrounds to create peace, and for humanity to stand together.

We are all different, there is no norm anymore and no matter what our religious or personal views may be, our words and actions affect people in big ways. This month let's remember to love our neighbor, and pray together that tomorrow will be better for everyone.

Kelly, I commend you for your strength. You're a good example for many people and I'm very proud of you.


  1. again you make me tear up you bastard...

  2. Stopping by from Kelly's site. I think his challenge is a great way to spread awareness. Hopefully, people will begin to open thier minds more than one month a year. Baby steps!
    Have a great weekend!