Friday, June 29, 2007

Irreverance, Part 3

It's that time of the week again. That time where I look at some news items and say a lot of nothing about them. For links, and to see what the heck I'm talking about, check out the sidebar for my live google reader feed. You're going to want to look at that for any of this to make sense!

I've posted both in my blog here and in my Tumblog recent footage from festivals in Europe such as Download and Graspop. These videos are so much better in quality. Hopefully gone are the days of crappy recordings. Even better, I can pull these videos from youtube and put them on my iPod. How nerdy is that?

Speaking of internet content, I found on digg a great list of social music networks. As most of you know, I frequent, but there are many sites out there and there is definately something for everyone. It's a shame the recording industry seeks to shut this medium down. I've discovered so many bands through these networks not to mention myspace and other social sites.

I'm still pretty stunned by the murder/suicide with Chris Benoit, his wife, and their son. What's really amazing is how the events are snowballing. I strongly believe he was on steroids, despite what the WWE says and that he went on a rage. I really hope people can see how these drugs affect a human body outside of physical preformance. Now investigators are trying to find what steroids were given to their young son, and why last Saturday, 2 days before their bodies were found, a post on wikipedia reported the death of Benoit's wife. The post came from Stamford, CT, home of the WWE. I'm sure more details will come, and none of this will be pretty.

I found the coolest t shirt online that reminded me of Sam and Jessi "I'm in ur ____, _____ing your _____! That just reminds of of all the funny Caturday pics I get from them from time to time. Look, here's one now!

The iPhone finally comes out today! I am sick to death of the hype. 2 hours from now, geeks on the east coast will finally have their phone and 2 hours after that, geeks all over the east coast will be looking for a power source to charge up this beast of technology. Thanks to Apple in advance for the rolling blackouts!

I found a link to give home video producers their own green screen effect. I've always wanted to do something like that. I just have to find background video of something falling into the Niagra Falls or something.

You can check for deals on airline flights on Google! Now they really own me!

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