Monday, June 11, 2007

Irreverance Pt 2

I know I haven't been on in a while. There's nothing really blog worthy going on. So make sure you keep up with my twitter posts!

And now, my news of the week:

American Idol over here is a competition for pop stars. It's funny how the rockers never really make it to the finale, I don't think that's by accident, but in Finland, their Idol winners are heavy metal singers who turn out pretty decent albums. Maybe we should just try year. Hell, that Doughtry guy has been killing the charts. Think about it..

I never have watched the Sopranos, nor am I going to spoil the ending, but people are pretty ticked off about how it ended. I'm convinced there has to be a movie now.

Here's news. A socialist leader is asking people to give up freedoms and luxuries. First they lose freedom of press, now every day freedoms. Hugo Chavez is just being plain predictable now, and boring.

I've posted before Janine's interest into being an ocularist. I'm probably spelling that wrong, but basically it's a craft that fuses art with optics. People who have lost an eye now have the ability to regain some sense of normalcy with the help of these artists. I know it's a little weird talking about someone with a glass eye, but it's a lot better than staring someone in the skull cavity.

That iPhone is coming out on the 29th. I'm predicting the battery life is going to be so bad, that no one will be raving about this phone very much by August.

Former NASCAR owner, Bill France died last week. He was definately a pioneer in his field. No where in auto racing can anyone say there's been so much success not only in marketing, but in loyalty. Each race fills the stands and every week, hundreds of millions of people tune in along with the tens of thousands that attend these races. It's amazing, and I'm sure he'll be missed by his peers.

If Fred Thompson is half as cool as his charactor was on Law and Order, then he might have a shot at winning! I think the conservatives are trying so hard to have a true conservative running, that they'll grasp onto anything. I'm already weary of Presidential politics, and we haven't even started yet!

That's it for the week, don't forget also to check out my news links, because there's a lot of edumacation out there for ye!

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