Saturday, June 2, 2007

My Monster Blog!

I sometimes get carried away with my baby here. I've had this blog for almost 3 years now, and it's evolved quite a bit. It's gone from stoner rant, to drunken rant, to desperate rant, to happy rant in a short amount of time. I've even purchased the domain. That's so cool it hurts!

Let's take a look at what my sidebar has to offer to everyone now:

  • Not as if anyone needs to find anything on my blog, but I have Google's API in case someone wants to check out my reviews of Ozzfest or maybe check out the articles I've discussed. No biggie there.
  • My profile which I have not updated in a very long time, but at least you can see my mug welcoming people as they visit the site...and for that, I'm very sorry.
  • I am a Twitter fanatic! I twitter at work, at home, watching TV, everywhere. I can see easily once I have a cell phone plan with unlimited texting, me twittering at stoplights. Yes, I'll be one of those people..
  • Nostalgia. My God I've come a long way. The past year you've probably noticed a much happier Lewis Show!
  • My feed. People should add me to their or Google Reader, or whatever feed reader you have to keep up to date on what happens in here, but nothing quite beats the thrill of visiting my site directly!
  • Not only can you read about the mundane going ons in my life, but you can watch some music videos too. That is if you don't mind the screaming and brutal intensity that comes with metal!
  • My Google Reader: This is very cool, people can follow what I read and check out through my own feed subscriptions. I read a lot of weird shit!
  • That even includes my Digg news. I go there daily to digg stories on tech. Everyone should, really.
  • Who dosen't list links on their blogs? In my case, again, I put a list of things that I check out regularly, not just once in a while, but religiously! That even includes where I do my banking, my dish service, my movie service, everything.
  • I had to put some color in my blog....and the ads are not just for revenue. Hell, I've earned a very, very small amount, but the ads that show are personal to me, and if people really like my site, they should check them out. I always appreciate that!
  • I have a silly adult section as well. I've had that babe of the day forever, and it's so stupid and lame, I can't help but keep it. It compliments my sex words of the day too. What better way to learn about teabagging and donkey punching!
  • Metal is important to me. I love music, but I need music with intensity. I just can't bear listening to stations that only play music about people wanting to hook up in clubs. That is the most shallow shit I've ever heard and I feel sorry for the people that love it, but that's their taste..more power to them. I have listed the sites that I visit to get my metal news first above anything else.
  • I'm so excited about my radio station! Now, not only can you keep up with what's playing at The Lewis Radio Network, but you can listen in as well. That's the beauty of web 2.0. You can participate, and listen to the skull crushing music that I love.
  • I know that this site reaches all over the world, but everytime there's a tour that hits this town, I'm going to post that I'm going. Especially in the summer with all the music festivals!
  • I've had about 12,000 hits since I put that counter on my blog back in early 2006. I love each and everyone that comes to check out the site too. It's not much, but it's my internet home.
Thank you to everyone that comes and checks out The Lewis Show. I'm going to add a lot more content this year, and I can't wait to get the podcast on the air.

I wonder what I should do next...any suggestions?

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