Monday, July 30, 2007

Geek Weekend 2.0

We got our nerd on this weekend for shizzle!

Sam and Jessi arrived around 4PM and Sam brought his new PS3 with him. I like it. I will be getting that console probably in time for my birthday next year. I'm predicting a nice price cut, along with the possibility of Janine and I having HD in our future. So we'll see.

The gaming was fun. It definitely is a slow loading console...which took up a lot of our game play, but I really enjoyed playing Resistance: Fall of Man, and other games. I look forward to the games coming out next year, most of all the new Metal Gear!

We all gathered up after Janine got off work Saturday night and had dinner at Ruby Tuesday's. We had a good time there, pretty much hanging out until it was time for bed (but not after a little more last minute gaming).

Sunday we got up pretty early. I think I got 5 hours sleep. Once everyone was up, we had breakfast at Aunt Sarah's and went to watch the new Harry Potter movie on IMAX. It is definitely the way to watch this movie! I do think that this film along with the 3rd Potter movie, are my favorite two so far.

IMAX can be a pain, though. There is a lot of screen, and with so much going on a lot of the time, it's very easy to miss something on the left side of the screen when the focus is on the right side of the screen. Poor Jessi had quite a bit of height and motion sickness. At least she gave it a try and was a good sport. Next time, we'll just stick to the regular screens.

We made it up to Jessi by having Red Lobster for dinner after the movie. Always yummy, but after that, we had to say our goodbyes. Janine and I may be visiting them Labor Day week, once we solidify our vacation schedules. I just know I can't wait to have some time off from work!

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