Saturday, July 7, 2007

Holiday Week Wrap Up

It's definately an experience having a holiday smack dab in the middle of the week. Thursday felt like Monday and Friday felt like Friday on rabies!

Wednesday was pretty chill. Janine had to work, so I pretty much laid around and played Prince of Persia all day. When Janine got home after a long day, we decided to go park outside The Diamond to watch the fireworks. The game went very, very long, but it was worth the wait. I'm posting a clip of the display below. Very pretty!

Friday afternoon Janine and I spent the day out. It's good to work half days in the summer especially when she's off work. We had lunch at Ruby Tuesdays, went to Target for supplies, to Best Buy so I could get my geek on, to Barnes & Nobles to pre order the last Harry Potter book, then I got a haircut! So it was a busy day. I love spending the day with the love of my life.

We ended it by watching Night Watch which means I owe Janine a movie. I've subjected her to two whacky foreign movies, and The Farce of the Penguins which was the dumbest movie ever! She suggests Steel Magnolias. God help me.

Plans are still up in the air tonight, but we may visit Kelly and Jeff for some racing goodness. Tomorrow is cleaning day. We have a house and two cars that need our attention. Big time!

And now, let's see some fireworks.

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