Thursday, July 26, 2007


It doesn't take very long for people to notice that yes, I am knee deep in Google. I don't really use that as my primary search engine though. I use a lot of different algorithms. I want to go over some that I use, maybe I can turn you all on to something different.

So what do I use Google for? My home page for starters. My iGoogle page is loaded with all the feeds, news, and humor that I need to start my browser day. I use Google Reader, which bunches all of my feeds in one neat place. You can see my Reader feed on the sidebar of this blog even. I use gmail because...well because I can. I got an early invite to join and I've been hooked ever since. To me it's one of the best web based email applications out there. And you all know Google has so much more going on. I feel like I'm one of their biggest lab rats, and I love it.

Yahoo and I never got along. I love some of their services, like Flickr, but it just seems too, wooden for me. Their email client is also really good, but it just feels really impersonal. I use Yahoo the least. Some people cannot live without Yahoo, so I say stick with what's working for you.

I can see myself moving towards Windows Live one day. I hate to be a part of the Microsoft machine, but they have really come a long way. I strongly suggest people check it out, it's a good fit for a lot of people because it can be as basic or as advanced as the user. Their email client stinks, I hate hotmail, but with Live accounts coming soon, I'm going to be all over that. has made the biggest changes of all the traditional search engines. Jeeves is no more, but that's ok. Ask has moved into the modern web 2.0 realm of making things personal, and fun. I also suggest people check out the new, and you'll find that refreshing feeling I got when I checked it out.

Mahalo is the new kid on the block. I love this site! This works a little like wikipedia in that it's all user driven material. Well, they have a staff of people that put search results together, not like the other sites, which use bots and linked driven results to advance web queries. I see Mahalo becoming the next big engine, and for that, I make this my must check out site.

The beauty of any website now is the ability to search and today everyone can find search that works for them on a personal level. The one site that does that for me better than anyone is IMDB. The internet movie data base is massive and without search, a lot of sites, would suffer. So cheers to searching. It's a big internet, and sometimes we can't have all the answers. Not even if you are feeling lucky.

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