Friday, July 20, 2007

Social Music Networks

Previously, I reviewed social networks, but born from these networks came social music networks. Myspace pioneered putting music directly into our speakers and introducing us all to new acts.

Thanks to Myspace, bands like Job for a Cowboy and In This Moment have gained tremendous popularity. Myspace will at least for the time being be that hub for bands to form a community around their music and I don't see that going away just yet. Let's look at some of the music networks that I'm really enjoying. 

I was introduced to the end user music network through ShoutcastShoutcast is a part of Winamp which is my preferred music and media player. Through Shoutcast, I'm able to broadcast my music live over the web via streaming to a server that I created.I started broadcasting in earnest in 2005 in Lynchburg and now I turn on my live music every weekend for anyone to enjoy.

Last.FM was that first big network that allowed users to set up an account, to share the music that they were listening to, and to create an on demand radio station around their own individual tastes. I have a live listen widget in my blog for people to tune into at any time. I don't have to broadcast, the network grabs my music interests and creates it's own station. 

Even just now, checking out my station, I got to reaqaint myself with bands like Everclear and introduce myself to a Norweigan metal band named Communic.
That is where the music industry does not get it. They want to pull these networks because they are not getting enough royalties. How in the hell am I going to find these bands by getting spoonfed the shit that's on the radio? It's not possible. I hope internet radio can be saved. Here's the link for the Save Internet Radio website. Please check it out and help in any way you can.Internet radio will be dead in all ways if we do not do something!

The other new network I'm really starting to enjoy is Pandora. This was by far the easiest way to set up your own radio station. I just created an account, put in 3 of my favorite bands, and now I have a really good station. If you think for one second I can turn on my radio and get're kidding yourself. The recording industry seriously needs to get a clue.

I hope greed does not destroy a beautiful thing. Everyone can enjoy these sites, no matter what kind of music you listen to. And it's just so cool for me to have on demand radio on my website! For more information about these and other social music networks, check the link in my title.

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