Friday, August 3, 2007

Best. Thursday. Ever.

I decided after lunch yesterday, that I would call Janine, who was off work, and invite her to join me at Best Buy for some geekyness along with dinner and a movie. She was agreeable so we met after work on Hull Street at the Commonwealth Center whatever that big area is.

It would be my luck that after searching in vain since my birthday to find a Wii that they would have 3 of them sitting there taunting me. I did not go to the Best Buy to buy the Wii so I figured it was fate or Murphy's Law laughing at me. I was there to buy Janine an iPod Nano. She is big into audio books and I figured now would be the best time to buy one for her. I love her and she deserves getting nice things from me once in a while...ok all the time, just whenever I can afford to do so.

She was almost in tears as she picked out the blue 4GB Nano. It is definatley a beautiful device. Watching her unbox it gave me a great amount of joy. Watching her learn how they work reminded me of when she brought me my big ass 80 GB iPod. Once she got used to the interface, she was excited how natural it felt and how much closer she can get to her books, her music, and even the podcasts. She later went home and found A&E's Biography podcast and downloaded several of those.

While getting ready to check out, she suggested that I go ahead and pick up the Wii too. I tried to resist at first, but I probably put up about as much fight as a rock fighting gravity. I gladly went and picked up a Wii, got the extra remote with Wii Sports, and the points card to download classic NES games. I was also about to cry myself. I was pretty much floored. And I got to get the last laugh with fate....for now.

We then went to Friday's to grab dinner and then it was on to see the Simpson's movie. I have to admit, it was pretty good. I think the best part of watching this movie in theaters is watching it with other Simpson fans. It gave me a better respect for this television show that's been on the air ever since I was in high school!

Once the movie ended, we made a beeline home so I could unbox that Wii and have some fun with Janine. It was very easy to install. I th
ink we were up to about 2AM playing Wii Bowling and classic Super Mario Brothers.

All in all, a very, very, very good night. I am so lucky to have Janine. Everytime I see her I point to her iPod and ask "Who's iPod is that?" And she'll grin and say "Mine!"

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