Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Home Pages

In the good days of dial up, it was encouraged to load very basic home pages if any at all. As you are all very much aware, I have always used Google as my homepage.

Today as most everyone has access to some kind of broadband, be it at home, work, Internet cafe, or library, and in this web 2.0 culture, people now more than ever have created personalized home pages. My first experience with these designer home pages was with MyYahoo. I never was a big fan of Yahoo, but I was fascinated by setting up my own page which featured news stories and local updates. I even had the Garfield comic strip on my page.

RSS feeds are very important in today's crop of personalized home pages. In fact, most of these home pages are pretty much feeds and nothing but feeds. For example, when Janine gets home from work and logs on to our Google homepage, she'll check to see if my feed has been updated. When I check my homepage, I look for the latest news from Digg, Engadget, and many other sites. Instead of my Garfield strip, I have a joke of the day to entertain me.

I no longer use the MyYahoo page, but it's still there and loaded with a lot of junk! I primarily use my iGoogle page, but I'm really checking out PageFlakes. Not only can you create a personalized home page, but you can pagecast. I could post my pagecast and share it with my friends and they can adjust and add to that page. Combined, it's easy to create this mega specific web site.
There are other vehicles which are being developed and that I'm looking into like TubesNow. I'll post about them once I have time to sit and figure it out. I'd also like to know what you use as your own home page.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning Tubes! I hope you will try it out and report your findings. I sent you some contact info if you have questions.