Sunday, September 2, 2007

I'm On Vacation?

Tuesday, Janine and I will be enjoying the quiet, tranquil town of Virginia Beach. Ok, truth is we'll be enjoying the crazy, bustling city of Virginia Beach! This is my birthplace. I love it there so much. I'll always consider this place my home town.

While we are there, the tentative plan is to get in a lot of relaxation, visit the aquarium , check some historical areas, and if there's time, the Naval Base. Since the both of us are military kids, it's always a lot of fun to see something like this base. I'm proud of both our Dads for their service along with everyone still currently serving in our armed forces! We'll be staying at Barclay Suites on the waterfront. It's a little old, but I found a really good deal and it's ideally located.

I figure we'll check out Captain George's so we can eat a ton of seafood. You cannot go wrong with a buffet that offers over 70 items! We're definatley going to hit up Beach Bully's (their website was down) for lunch one day and for breakfast the 33rd Street Cafe. I can't wait to see the sunrise over the ocean again. I need that peaceful experience. We both need that peaceful experience. I can never get sick of that ocean air. It's in my blood.

Thursday, after leaving the beach, we're going to visit my parents and probably spend the night with them. I gave them just enough warning so they can make us a good home cooked meal, because no one cooks on vacation; and despite the suite I'm booking, I'm not touching the stove. Forget. It. It'll be good to see my parents again too. Mom called last night and she really misses us.

Friday morning, once we get in from visiting my parents, Janine and I are going to have another lazy day at home. By then I'll be driven out and I'm sure we're both going to want a day of massive lazyness....and laundry.

Saturday morning, we're going to Lynchburg to visit Sam and Jessi. I look forward to playing Bioshock on their HD set, and we're going to carry our wiimotes with us for maybe some Wii games or something together. I'm calling Sam out now for some Madden 2007 too. Brett Favre and I plan on doing some major pwnage! Jessi has insisted that we get Japanese take out one night which is exciting because Janine is yet to try Japanese cuisine. I really look forward to that, and I haven't had anything resembling Japanese food for years myself!

Sunday afternoon, Janine and I will make our way back to Richmond to conclude our vacation. I'll be back at work Monday morning, she's going to take the day off and recover. I think we've set up a practical, fun week for the both of us where we can both go out and have fun, but we can also do what we need more than anything..spending good quality time together with the worries of the world hundreds of miles away.

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  1. Well, that's it! I'm coming to live with you guys. You've got cute kittens and have cool vacations. Oh, and you've also got fun friends.