Friday, September 21, 2007

Pics From Dave's Graduation

Thursday morning, Janine and I headed north near Baltimore to attend my brother's graduation from Police Academy. Now he gets to spend a few months on the beat with a partner before getting his own ride. I'm so proud of Dave!

Dad fixing up Kaleb before the ceremony. I get warm fuzzies everytime I watch Pop spend time with his grandson.

A Lewis for sure. Intimidating, tall, and armed!

Dad, Dave's wife, Barbie, and Kaleb all pinning on his badge. Everyone went "Awwww!"

We're going to see them again tomorrow for a mini family reunion to see everyone and hopefully eat a lot of chicken.

Dave was pretty relieved to get out of that uniform. He took some time last night to show us the all of tricks of his trade. It was very nice hanging out with them. They were very gracious hosts.

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