Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Week That Was

Last week was very much needed. Let's see if I can go over everything before I forget. You know, old age.

My vacation kicked off last Friday at 12:30. I was lazy the whole weekend too. Now that's not all that unusual, but I literally made it a point to become the biggest slacker couch potato slug ever. Mission was accomplished!

Labor Day was, I believe, one of the few holidays that Janine had off work, so we got to enjoy that together. I remember going all over town trying to find an open restaurant finally settling on Outback. I had a tasty steak with shrimp on the barbie and I drank it down with a fine pinotnoir. Yeah, I'm a total wine freak now. I'll post in the future about how everyone can get involved and enjoy some good grape!

Tuesday morning we packed up and headed to Virginia Beach. Home sweet home I say! It was good to be back at the birthplace and it was fun trying to show Janine around. The town and roads have changed so much from when I would go to visit my family there. We had a really good time. That's mostly because we went at the best time. On a Tuesday/Wednesday right after the last summer holiday, the crowds were gone and it was just nice adult people around town. I'm going to take Janine back to the beach next summer in the middle of the summer rush so she can see how totally relaxing and perfect our timing was in visiting the beach.

We didn't do a whole heck of a lot in town over those two days. I only made a handful of plans and that was mostly centering around places to eat. One day really soon, we'll both be on a strict diet, so we enjoyed ourselves big time. I love going to Capt George's! They have everything and I think I ate everything...twice! Even the pizza that we had the first night we were there was delish. All in all we both had a really good relaxing time just sitting on the balcony watching the waves come in....recharging and relaxing.

I did not expect to come down with bronchitis though. I have been coughing non stop for a week now and I'm hoping some antibiotics will clean me up really quick. I don't wish this on anyone. I haven't felt this miserable in years. I can't complain, though. I was on vacation and I enjoyed it with my girl as best I could.

On the way back, we had planned on visiting the aquarium, but I missed the turn so we ended up driving to Williamsburg to check out the historic district. We enjoyed it so much that we may plan a 3 day weekend around the last week of October to enjoy the trees changing. I can't believe that summer is over already!

Friday was a total blur. That day went so fast I don't think I remember anything about it....

Saturday after taking my licensing exam (which was a blast, lemme tell ya), we headed to Lynchburg to visit with Sam and Jessi. We had a good time over there too. Again, we didn't really make any big plans...we both just needed to go somewhere quiet to get away for a couple days. Our hosts as always were gracious.

We had decided to see the Simpson's movie at the dollar theater in town. We did not, however, expect for the film to brick 90% of the way through and not finishing it. It helped remind me why I don't miss Lynchburg though. Between the horrible drivers and hick technology, I think I'm glad I'm settled here in Richmond for now. Now if I can just convince Sam to take a job here in Richmond and move them both closer to us.

Anything is possible.

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