Saturday, September 29, 2007

Whiney Rant From a Wus

I can honestly say that my threshold for pain is high. When I was younger, my appendix burst before I felt any kind of pain in my abdomen. When it did burst though, the pain was insane! I'll never forget that feeling as long as I'll live. I was nine years old and terrified that my body was revolting against me.

I also had some serious pain once at my own expense. I used to pick at my toes really bad and developed an ingrown toenail. I won't go into any of the gory details, I'm sure many of you can imagine dealing with such a thing and also going to a doctor to have him prick the inside of your toe with a needle. poor Mom had to bear the brunt of my tortured screams. Needless to say, I'm very careful with my nails now.

I've experience many scrapes and bruises through my life in the course of being a healthy boy growing up in the country too. I'll never forget hyper extending my right elbow or stumping my poor little toe over and over one summer. But in my youth, I just dealt with it.

This week, while moving some boxes around, I twisted my back. I didn't get that standard back pull though, instead the muscles around my rib case seemed to yank out of whack. I just walked it off and carried on for a couple days, but one night it got so bad I was stuck almost bent in half. Again, I deal with this kind of pain, but it has not gone away yet. I realize with that respiratory infection I had last month, and endless days and nights of coughing, I may have weakened the muscles around my lungs and now I'm paying the price.

Janine and I went bowling last nite. I had a really good time, but that pain was defiantly making it's presence felt. Even today, I decided to just take it easy and lay on my heating pad with the hopes that it will go away. I think that's the best cure after all. I just feel like such a louse.

I empathize with anyone that has to live with back pain. I didn't post this to solicit pity, rather to express my regret for not taking people that live with this kind of trauma seriously. For that, I'm sorry.


  1. Aww dood. I know this wasn't written expressly for me, but I know you had to have me in mind when you typed it *hugs* As someone who does live with back pain, I'm sorry you're having to deal with it too. Heating pads rock, as does ibuprofen and hot baths. I hope you get better soon.

  2. I had lots of people in mind. Not that I'm not compassionate, but I'd always been of the mindset for people to just "walk it off" or get it fixed.

    Sometimes karma comes back to bite me on the ass..or on the back in this case.