Monday, October 29, 2007

Boo Friggen Hoo!

I used to watch with anger and indignation as a child when I watched the Redskins taunting and acting foolish whenever they won. The only thing worse than that were the Redskin fans. I dreaded a Redskins win because that meant I'd hear that God awful Hail to the Redskins song all day long the next day.

Now the tables have turned. The Skins were utterly humiliated yesterday in Boston, losing to Tom Brady and the Patriots 52-7. Joe Gibbs, coach of the Redskins runs off the field after the game without meeting at the center of the field with the coach that finally turned the tables on him and embarrassed him in front of the world. Gibbs of course is a honorable guy and today conceded that it's not proper to whine and complain, but to focus on the next week. However....

Complaints started coming from Redskin players which has prompted me to post this complaining about the Patriots running up the score. I have one response to this band of sore losers. Take the humiliation. Find a little class like your coach did and learn from this...and when you're on the winning side again, remember what it's like to be taunted.

Better yet, don't let them run up the store.



  1. mmmm hot picture... i will have to visit this site more often with hotties like brady... i must tell all my friends about this wonderful new eye candy site... oh wait, its mikey.... sorry... hehehe... i do like the look of your site... i wish my provider would let me revert to 3 columns... boo hoo... anyway, see you at work shortly

  2. I posted that pic of Brady knowing full well you would approve.

    There was this bum shot that I passed over..maybe next time!

    I feel like some kind of pic pimp now!

  3. You wrote this purposefully to piss me off didn't you :P

  4. You know better than that, Miss Reams!

    Maybe every other Redskins fan..heh