Saturday, October 6, 2007

Going Out More

This has definitely been an interesting week! I posted Tuesday about Sam and Jessi coming to visit. We stayed out pretty late, skipped work, the whole nine yards.

Wednesday night, we went to hang out with some of Janine's coworkers at Capital Ale House downtown. That was a good time as well. It's always fun to sit back, drink craft beers (can't use the term microbrew anymore, it pisses off the beer gods), and talk about everything from Halo to Stephen King.

Thursday night we stayed in. Shades of our own selves..but Janine closed so we had dinner and pretty much just went to bed.

Friday, Janine and I went to visit Kelly and Jeff. Always good times when we go to visit. Always really nice to hang out on their front porch and shoot the breeze too with a variety of alcoholic beverages. Always fun to meet their friends and neighbors as well! We had a very good time and I hope that we can make a routine out of visiting our crazy friends more often.

But going out 3 nights this week is unheard of for us. I think we're taking advantage of the last warm evenings of the year before winter sets in and it's just good to get out of this crazy house now and again for some fun.

The coolest thing of all, having someone as wonderful as Janine. Someone that will go out with me and endure endless conversations about high definition TVs, operating systems, gaming, and sci-fi. I think she's slowly joining the dark side. I'll say again how insanely lucky and blessed that I am to have found her.

The countdown also begins, her birthday is less than a month away!

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  1. As always it was great having you guys over... we had a blast... and consider yourself lucky... the neighbor was over here until after 3 am...ughhh and he broke a wine glass.... tee hee... you guys are welcome here anytime... dont forget my video editing and i am emailing you two things to 'fix'