Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My Take on Tubes

Being the avid Diggnation fan that I am, I'm always checking out their sponsors. They mentioned an app and a website called Tubes. I thought that was amusing since the ever tech saavy Senator Stevens (R-AK) called the Internet a serious of "tubes". So I went to check out the service and I even briefly mentioned it on my blog a while back.

I was surprised to get a response from one of the spokespeople with tubes now and I promised I'd give a more detailed description and plug for their service. I figured I owed them that much, mostly because I'm shocked that people even read my site, much less find value in the content!

First I was amused by the name of the site. I thought it said "tube snow" dot com. Very cute. But once I got past my original amusement I downloaded their free application. Now I'm starting to sound like a spammer...stick with me here. The site has good screen shots. The app looks like a small chat client that fits anywhere on your desktop. To start all I had to do was create a tube and I was ready to go.

For my first tube, I took the beach pictures that Janine and I took and I dragged them into a tube that I created. After that all I did was watch those pictures sync up and then I had a website that Janine and I can share that shows our vacation pics. That's all. Pretty simple.

But it's more than pictures, you can push in videos, links, anything into your tubes and keep it for yourself or share it with everyone.
So basically this is just a great way to share content quickly with friends and family and you'll look like a complete tech nerd (like me) for doing so. It has a blogging feature and once you click on your tube, you can see your content, which looks just like your own virtual server. Anyone can use this...it did take me about half an hour to figure out the concept, but once I did, it was very simple to use.

I'm going to create a public Lewis Show Tube soon with some video, so stay tuned for that, I'll be sure to link it in the blog and mention it. Tubes gets The Lewis Show seal of approval!

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