Monday, October 22, 2007


I do this now and again. I open up a six pack of randomness!
  • Yesterday was hectic, but fun. Janine and I got an early start with some breakfast, then we headed out to get groceries, after that we went back out to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D, helped out with the Lenscrafter's gift of sight program, and finally went to Janine's Moms house to have spaghetti for dinner and watch Dexter on the HD. Phew!
  • Nightmare Before Christmas - Really pretty in 3D. If you're a big fan of the movie, you'll love was my first time seeing it..ever!
  • Dexter is fast becoming the most well put together drama on television. That's not the most qualified statement, though. I've seen about 3 television dramas in the past 4 years.
  • The kittens are starting to get bigger and smarter which means they are becoming more evil. They can disassemble curtains, take the telephone off the receiver, disable a sub woofer, and dissect a garbage bag. They're still very cute lil' babies though.
  • Speaking of cats, Topaz has slept on me the past two nights. I think I need a break..
  • Janine and I are looking at a month and a couple of weeks to moving into our own quiet little place off of Broad Street. I'm hoping this place works out because it is scary close to work. I mean scary close...within minutes (depending on Richmond traffic..see prior open letter to Richmond drivers)
  • My back is about 98%. I still feel tweaks in my ribcage when I lay down, but if feels a lot better. I can manage this. I'm not feeling like the big wuss that I was before!
  • I think I'm due for a day off. I have had the hardest time over the past 3 weeks getting out of bed.
  • I've been utilizing Google Reader more and more lately. I like being able to pick news that's worth reading and just plow through it on a break or during my lunch. I feel like I'm keeping up with things a lot more than I was just by reading or watching general news. In fact. I'd recommend it to anyone who's tired of being spoon fed the tripe that's on network and cable news.
That's it for this week. Whenever I close a random segment, I always try to include a clip from the most random of comedians. This time...Steven Wright!

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