Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Takin' a Day

I'm not exactly skipping work. I put in for this day off last week. But I'm totally feeling like I'm playing hooky today. Feels nice.

I'm taking the day off for two reasons, though. First, Janine's off work and it's always nice to spend the morning just relaxing together. Second, Sam and Jessi are taking a daytrip and coming to town. They're going to her Richmond office first to have lunch with some coworkers, then we're meeting up after that.

The plan is to check out one of the Barnes & Nobles in town, hit up the Apple store, visit a craft store in Stony Point, and enjoy dinner at Olive Garden. It'll be a fun relaxing day hanging out with friends. After all that, they're going to head back and Janine and I are heading back home to have a quiet evening before hitting the grind again tomorrow.

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