Saturday, October 27, 2007

This IS Halloween!

There's Christmas decorations everywhere.....

We have not even hit the threshold of Halloween and already there are Christmas trees and wreaths and ornaments. We are barely 3 weeks into fall, we are barely a week into cooler weather, and already stores are looking to the biggest commercialized holiday...ever!

I don't want to forget about the two holidays that come in between though, and by gosh I'm going to celebrate both and snarl at anything Christmassy. I'm not a grinch, but this is why everyone is so burned out when Christmas does arrive. It's shoved down our throats 2 months in advance now!

At any rate, Halloween is next Wednesday, and while I may not dress up, I always get into the spirit by decorating the house. Janine loves this day way more than I do, so I get to sit back and enjoy her enjoying the holiday. I have pics to prove it.

Happy Halloween everyone. For Pete's sake carve a pumpkin or something!

The dining room table is very, very festive!

Janine's handywork. A regular Jack O'Lantern and a Spiderman Jack O'Lantern (for Keeper.)


The piano is also festive.

Janine made this a couple nights ago. The picture does not do it justice. It's very beautiful. And after watching The Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D, this was some brilliant artwork!

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