Saturday, November 3, 2007

Lewis Show Programming Notes

Posting on my site has always been..random at best. I'm going to start putting into practice some nightly content so that there is something always going on. And it goes a little something like this:

Metal Monday: I will post on the main blog a video. I won't say much about it, maybe a comment about my feelings on the song. That's about it.

Tumblr Tuesdays and Thursdays: Hop over to my tumblog during the week to find extra content. There isn't going to be anything specific, but there will always be something.

Flickr Friday: I will post a picture that I've uploaded into Flickr into my Pownce account. So if you don't have Pownce yet, let me know. I have several invites.

As you know I will post early and often into my Twitter feed. So now there will always be content, good, bad, or otherwise, and my site will start to show some signs of life again. So please stayed tuned!

Here's a little pre Monday treat!

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