Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Pretty Lucky

I've been going out with Janine now for 19 months now. That time has really flown! Today is her birthday. I wanted to publicly wish her a happy day and to shout to the world that I am indeed the luckiest guy I know.

I've planned a fun evening. I'm going to make a delicious dinner for her and let her finally open her birthday presents. They are definitely a couple of unconventional birthday gifts to say the least! I look forward to her getting them though. She's been wanting them for a long, long time.

I know my life's been a constant roller coaster ride, but I also know now and I'm at peace that I'm with someone who truly loves me for who I am and that's saying quite a lot. I grow closer to her every day and I love her more and more with each passing morning, and I hope more than anything we'll always continue to share our lives together.

I love you, Janine! Thank you so much for making my life better. Have a wonderful birthday and an even more wonderfuler year!

1 comment:

  1. YAAAAAAAY I'm so happy for both of you. Happy Birthday Neener, I am very glad that you are enjoying your gifts. And I'm so glad that you two found eachother :)