Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Has Vanished!

I'm getting to the point where it feels like I just did my 2005 and 2006 years in review yesterday. This year has really flown too. Thanks to my blog, I can recap all the highlights of my year for everyone to relive, again. We are definitely in strained times in a scary world, but we all made it another year intact. Here's my last twelve months, in review...random style!

  • Janine and I brought in the New Year in Maryland with her friends Dee and Brian. It feels like it was an eternity ago. We got there pretty late, party, crashed hard, got up and drove down pretty much the entire eastern seaboard the next day. We were tired, tired puppies when we got home on the 1st.
  • In February, we went to visit my brother, his wife, and son in Harford County, Maryland. We had a nice abbreviated stay, it was good to see Kaleb again.
  • We then went straight to Rachel and Andy's house to celebrate Keeper's birthday. Janine and I may have mastered the multi task weekend.
  • We also went to visit Kelly and Jeff with friends to watch the Daytona 500. There was lots of beer and NASCAR like cuisine and a lot of fun. My fantasy NASCAR team finished fourth after an 0-4 start....embarrasing.
  • In March I turned 33, but that's enough about that.
  • Janine and I went to see 300 for my birthday, then we went to visit Sam and Jessi and watched Borat. Very good movie weekend..
  • I started to Twitter. 140 charactors or less every day since.
  • In April...yes April, we got our first significant snow!
  • I registered The Lewis Show on GoDaddy. Phase one of world domination began.
  • The entire world was shocked by the Va Tech shootings. I think most of us Virginians are still shocked by it all.
  • I had a very enjoyable Easter at Janine's aunts house. Good food, family, and easter egg hunting.
  • Janine and I got to enjoy the first warm night of the year at D-Ray and Tracy's house to celebrate his 40th birthday. I can only hope to look as good or be half as cool as him in my mid 30s!
  • In May my radiator decided it was time to die. Several hundred dollars later and a national failed attempt to bring about a class action lawsuit against that useless crap red coolant later, my car's been holding out pretty well.
  • Janine and I celebrated our first anniversary together. I took her to the Tobacco Company for dinner. I love her so much!
  • I didn't love one evil daddy Cardinal, though. He spent a solid month peeping into our windows, not peeking, peeping. Peep, peep, peep, peep, peep.
  • June was a pretty quiet month, the iPhone came out, and we were introduced to the dramatic groundhog. Scary thing is, when people Google "dramatic groundhog", my blog comes up first. That's because I posted it before anyone else. That's right, I'm an internet trendsetter....kinda.
  • July was fun, I had my first PS3 experience, we all had a Harry Potter IMAX experience, Janine and I waited in line for the last Harry Potter book, and Janine and I enjoyed a nice quiet fireworks display in a parking lot adjacent to the ballpark.
  • August brought us new roomates! We all oogled over baby kittens, I finally got my Wii and Janine got her first iPod. I also had my first cell phone since the mid 90s.
  • September took Janine and I back to Harford County to celebrate my brother's graduation from the Police Academy. I'm so proud! He has his own car and he brings holiday cheer to everyone he pulls writing them tickets!
  • Janine got to meet my entire family in one overwhelming scoop at our first family reunion in 13 years! We also got our first big break of the year with our annual vacation. This year we spent a long weekend in Virginia Beach to enjoy the peace and quiet of the beach. Always a good idea to go after Labor Day, there's half the crowd.
  • October brought an end to the hot weather, only to bring on more warm weather. Sam and Jessi daytripped with us. We took them to Short Pump for the day and went geek and craft shopping.
  • I finally, after the movie's been out forever, got to see The Nitemare Before Christmas, in 3D. I can see why it's one of Janine's favorite movies. Very well done, very Tim Burton!
  • We then had a fun Halloween night scaring the neighborhood kids with screaming ghosts, fog machines, strobe lights, and creepy music. My kind of night!
  • This November, I tested the firepower of our Wii thanks to Janine, with her purchase of Super Mario Galaxy. That is a fun game! I love it. I'm still yet to collect all the stars, but I'm close, dangit.
  • We celebrated Janine's birthday with me cooking dinner. I broiled a delicious tilapia in butter and parmesian, paired that with shrimp and hushpuppies, and paired that with a 2006 albarino. Yeah, I'm becoming one hell of a cook! And now thanks to Mr. Vaynerchuk I know a lot more about wines!
  • We had Thanksgiving at Janine's Moms place. Her sister cooked for everyone and it was very good! I just remember passing out after a ton of eating..
  • The year closed out with a blast. We all gathered again at Janine's Moms, and we all opened presents, and ate, and ate. Overall, I had a very good holiday season this year!
Actually I had a really good year. Life as always has it's ups and downs. Some days are great, some days, I'm just in the dumps, but I can honestly say I have not been this happy in my whole life. Things will get better and with a great woman by my side and really good friends out there, I think everything's going to be ok.

Happy New Years, here's to 2008!

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