Friday, December 28, 2007

The Christmas Remix

If I keep putting off my recap of Christmas, it won't change the fact that I need to do my Christmas recap. I'll have a New Year's recap next week after Janine and I get back from Maryland.

Christmas Eve, Janine and I celebrated with her Mom at her house with her family. It's always a good time and I've become really attached with everyone. We all bring in food to great excess. I brought in deviled eggs. It was my first try at trying to make those tasty little treats, but with Janine and my Mom's help, it went smoothly. I ate myself to utter misery and then we all opened presents. They do a really neat Secret Santa exchange where everyone draws a number and people exchange already opened gifts. I got a tub of popcorn!

The next morning, we got up and exchanged gifts in a more quiet immediate family setting at Janine's Moms house. I got a really nice pair of gloves and a much needed shirt. Then we went to her Uncle's for breakfast. The food is always good there, but we didn't stay too long. We had to be off to my parents to celebrate Christmas with them.

An hour and thirty minutes of driving later we spent the day relaxing, and exchanging gift cards at Mom and Dad's and they made dinner for us. Mom always makes the best potato salad! They are so generous too. They gave us both some money. I'm just always speechless about how lucky I am, like now!

Late that night, Janine and I drove back to Richmond to go back to work the next day. All in all I had a very nice Christmas. I'm so very blessed to have two good loving families in my life.

Janine also got me some really nice work clothes which I've enjoyed wearing the past couple days. I told her though the best gift I could ever get, I got, she's been the answer to all my prayers. I can only hope to have many, many more Christmas' just like this one!

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