Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I Do Have Something!

My web plug of the week! I almost forgot despite writing this on my hand (with 2 other things that I'm supposed to remember 1. Pizza 2. Coworkers laptop travel bag)

I heard this on one of my podcasts last month and this site has brought me hours of laughter. Passive Aggressive Notes is fun because you can almost always relate to the pain of the person that wrote the note, and the shocked reactions of the person intended to receive that note. The site shows notes written to roommates, coworkers, tenants, you get the idea. The site shows pictures of those notes along with commentary and has some of the best comments that I've read in any blog.

I highly recommend checking this site out and always remember to clean the dishes out of the sink!

1 comment:

  1. Stop it please!!!! I just spent an hour looking at that damn website... to freaking funny... if you keep finding these things, I will start looking at them at work and then get fired and then not be able to pay my internet bill, then will go crazy and then kill someone then be thrown in jail and then not have to pay bills, or deal with dog hair or ...wait, hmmmmm.... gimme more...hehehehe