Thursday, December 20, 2007

Plug O' The Week

You would expect something Christmassy, but no, I'll save that until next week.

This week I'm plugging one of the local dives here in town. As you know many moons ago, I used to go to a lot of shows and review them and have a lot of fun visiting Richmond. Richmond was missing one thing, though, and that was a big enough venue to house the bigger acts as they come through town.

Enter Toad's Place. They have a pretty big facility downtown, and while I have not gone yet, it looks like I'll start visiting soon. Lamb of God has already played there, Megadeth has already played there, along with several acts, in all genres, not just heavy metal.

But I'm plugging Toad's because I'm glad there's somewhere big enough in town that can host acts like Rob Zombie, Machine Head, and Hell Yeah!

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