Saturday, December 1, 2007

What's New, You Ask?

Here we are, kids. It's December already, the year is winding down, and I haven't even began to decorate. I have had a productive December so far, though. I went to the DMV to get my tags renewed and to finally change my address. I can't believe I skipped out on that for months!

Normally this is where you would expect me to gripe or complain about the long lines, or bad service at the DMV, but honestly it was an enjoyable experience. I did have alittle bit of a line at the information line to get my number. Some lady decided to ask a million questions at that counter knowing full damn well they can ask the DMV rep when her number is called just like the rest of us.

At any rate, I got my number, sat down to fill out my two forms and my number was called halfway into filling out he first form. Now this was not a complicated form, just so you know how fast they are. The form basically composed of me writing my name and address and signature. So I was very pleased by everything at the DMV.

I also had been jonesin that new BK breakfast melt. I hate eating at Burger King, especially for breakfast, but anything with honey butter is going to get a big thumbs up from me. I know, it's not healthy, but I had decided that I was going to eat that as a reward for going to the DMV. I have to bribe myself sometimes to fulfill my own responsibilities!

So what else is going on? Not much right now, really. I've been writing in my Christmas gift list, double checking who's been naughty and nice, and preparing for that morning that I get up to buy everyone's presents. That should be really soon, it's not like I wait for any specific sales, I just prefer to go when the urge consumes me to do so, say the Saturday before Christmas!

One final note, I beat Super Mario Galaxy. I'm also really, really close to collecting all the stars. I'm very proud of me!

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  1. I think the DMV gets a bad rap sometimes. They really have improved quite a bit. When I went, the only waiting I had to do was because someone in front of me was arguing with the lady about when he was allowed to get his license back.