Monday, January 7, 2008

And in Other News

I have to get back into my old pre holiday routine and fast! I was off today (see prior, oh, 2 or 3 posts) so that's 3 weeks in a row where I've had some kind of extended weekend. I think things will be getting back to normal just in time for all the babies to be born.

I do feel productive, though. I got Janine's car nice and clean after I trashed it on our trip. That's a very nice feeling of accomplishment. I love driving her car. I just really wish I could "pimp" it out, you know, put nice wheels on it, put a flames down the sides, maybe one of those large carburetors (you know, the ones that go over the hood). I mean she does drive a PT Cruiser, I think she should do it up right, 1950's hot rod style!

I am nervous about this weekend, the Seahawks are coming to town to play the GB Packers. They played a heck of a game in the second half against the surging Redskins late week, so I'm hoping for blizzard conditions this weekend for sure.

Will this be the year that Mike buys a Mac? Stay tuned to find out.

Don't think I forgot about Metal Mondays. I'm keeping that tradition alive with some extreme hardcore out of Baltimore. This is Misery Index playing in Germany. Good job, guys!

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