Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bad Snow, Poor Timing!

I'm always taken back to my childhood anytime I see it snowing outside. I remember crossing fingers and toes and everything else that we would get to miss a day or two of school whenever the white stuff fell. Back in my day though, we didn't have cancellations based on a forecast, we had to have a good foot of snow on the ground before school was canceled.

Be that as it may, I'm always happy and giddy when it snows, just like when I was a child. I am, however miffed that it had to fall on a Saturday night. This stuff needs to come down and freeze up for Monday morning..not Sunday morning. Sheesh.

I have a fine Chilean cabernet that needs to be taken care of today. I should be able to enjoy a couple glasses this evening. I'm hoping they will be in celebration. My Packers play the Giants tonight and we are one game away from the Super Bowl! Janine and I will be doing our charity work with her coworkers tonight so I'll be doing that, then probably rushing home after dinner to watch the finale. I'm either going to be the happiest fat man in Virginia tomorrow, or the saddest...time will tell. Go Packers!!!

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