Friday, January 25, 2008

Pack Year in Review

I was really hoping to wait one more game before recapping the fun year I had watching the Packers this year. That was just not to be. It's amazing how one bad play or one bad decision can ruin an entire year.

I remember starting the year thinking that my team didn't stand a snowball's chance. A team with the one of the oldest quarterbacks to play along with the youngest team in the entire league didn't sound like the formula to success. So you can imagine my surprise when Green Bay won their first five games. Favre looked like he did 11 years ago when he lead his team to a Super Bowl win over a highly overrated New England Patriots team (sound familiar?)

We saw the rise of two shining stars in Green Bay along with many others. Ryan Grant and Greg Jennings were reliable and consistent threats to the Packer offense. Their futures are bright and if they played in any other market, they would be touted easily as league MVP.

The real stars were the defense. Teams had a hard time all year scoring and no team could boast solid, stingy cornerbacks like the Pack. They all played their asses off too, especially in their finale against the Giants in sub zero temperatures. All in all I'm very proud to be a fan and I can't wait to see more next year, already!

I was pretty bummed all week, but watching some old tribute film tonight on Youtube really lifted my spirits, especially this video which aired before the Thanksgiving game this year.

That's got to be a huge, huge honor to have those champions singing your praises. I hope the old man can do it one more year, and reclaim the title that was forged from the glory that is the Green Bay Packers.

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