Saturday, January 26, 2008

Phase Two Underway

So now the fun part begins. After giving up cigarettes last year, my next big phase in self improvement is to get on a regular workout schedule. Janine and I have joined Gold's gym and are getting into a routine of going at least every other day no matter what.

I've been going to the Broad Street gym and I really like the facility. There's plenty room and I haven't had a problem with crowding like I did when I was going to the Gold's in Lynchburg. Everyone seems really nice too. I can tell I'll be making this a near every day routine in the future, if for anything to walk a couple miles and get the heart pumping.

I have been such a slug over the past yearand I already feel a lot better about myself. So good for me. I rock.

1 comment:

  1. We are very proud of you guys... stick with it... it is tough, but it is soooo worth it... we must give each other shit at work to make us keep going... I skipped twice this week and need to be beaten... well, i will let jeff take care of that... superbowl next sunday?? here at our place... you guys are welcome to come over...