Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Superbowl, meh

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The last time I posted a picture of Tom Brady, I got an appreciative comment from Kelly, so I'm going to do pretty much the same. I wanted to take a second to predict the outcome of this year's Super Bowl.

Patriots 55 Giants 10.

That's right. In fact I'll go ahead and say it now, the 2007 Patriots are the best team ever and there will be no way to dispute or prove that otherwise. Yuck! In fact, if I could legitimately predict a team to get a triple digit score, I would.

That's right 100+ points. It can be done and if it happens to any team at any time in history, it'll probably happen this Sunday.

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  1. I will return to read this post in a moment. I must ummm... well... umm... get prepared for the SUPER BALL.. I mean BOWL... ummm...lordy it is hot in here... maybe I will come back tomorrow...