Thursday, January 10, 2008

When the Going Gets Tough,

The tough get bowling? Maybe origami, the tough get origami. Good one. Maybe they try to play putt putt half as well as I can.

Janine and I are in that post holiday, it's January, wintertime rut. Blahs even! It's hard to describe, but overall things have not been at their best in the LewisShow household. Janine had a great idea though last night, we need a night out every week, or a day out every week so I'm thinking about setting that night for one of four events a month.

Now I don't want to
remove the ability to be spontaneous, but let's face it. I'm about as spontaneous as a city stoplight at midnight, so maybe this will seem a little wooden, but here's what I've come up with so far:

  • Free night 1: Bowling night which involves beer, hot wings, and maybe bowling too.
  • Free night 2: Movie night which is more relaxed but there's always something in theaters worth watching.
  • Free night 3: Pool hall/sports bar night which again involves beer, maybe hot wings, lots of televisions, and people who are not Janine and me smoking
  • Free night 4: Reading night which involves some sort of java, books, and somewhere semi quiet like a Barnes & Nobles...or maybe some fancy coffee shop in the fan.

So what am I saying? Basically Janine and I get two days off a week, but my days off are fixed, hers are pretty random because she works in retail. One night a week, preferably one of her days off, we are going to go out and do one of these four activities. I'm sure there will be others, but these four are the best when it comes to including other people.

This way we can hang out with coworkers or friends if they are available, or it can just be a date night for me and my girl. I think getting out more will do us both a world of good. Between that and the gym, we'll both actually enjoy the chance to be at home whenever possible.
I'm looking forward to going out and having a lot of fun and networking with people together with the love of my life, she's looking forward to going out too, we both need the fun and laughter.

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