Friday, February 15, 2008

Helpful Links

Because I'm all helpful like that. Now these links apply mostly to me as someone looking for rock/metal shows, but most of these Richmond venues offer a variety of shows ranging from music, to comedy, to wrestling, and everything in between.

Toad's Place
The National:
Innsbrook After Hours:
Alley Katz:
The Canal Club:
Landmark Theater:
Richmond Funny Bone
Richmond Coliseum:
RIR Fairgrounds:

If anyone knows of other links that I should post, please do so in the comments and I will move them out to this link. This is a good resource for me to find local events because I just can't keep up sometimes and I don't read the local paper.


  1. For us hilbillies in Lynchburg, there's always Cattle Annie's, which is expecting a few decent rock acts in the next few months ;)

  2. Not true, you have other venues like Mudpuppies, the airport, that garage downtown, umm.....