Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap This

So today is February the 29th. This day only comes once every four years. It's Leap Day. I wake up and see frogs on Google, frogs on Yahoo, frogs everywhere.

I imagine it's unique to have a birthday or share an anniversary with someone on this day, but now I worry that by the time the next one rolls around, it's going to be another one of those Hallmark holidays.

You know what I mean too. Everyone will have to buy a card at least and then on top of that maybe a large green frog balloon, or maybe a basket of flowers. I've already seen stories where women have taken this day as a weird chance to propose to their boyfriends, so that means the jewelry commercials will start showing right after Valentine's Day. Which means the entire months of November, December, and now February people will be buried in jewelry store ads.

I can see it now. "She went to Jared. Sheeee went to Jared. She went to Jared? It can only be Jared!"

The commercialism of holidays has gotten me to an extreme point of misery. Pretty soon, there will be an occasion to buy a card for every single American holiday: cards for Arbor Day made from recycled....trees, pink slip cards for Labor Day, cards that sing the Rolaids song and hold antacids after Thanksgiving. And now, Leap Day, a day to propose and do something with weird with frogs.

And to that I say, Bah Ribbit.


  1. Ha! that's so true. One of my friends' anniversary is today. I thought that was pretty cool, but yeah, you're right it'll someday become a hallmark holiday. Crazy. but probably true.

    And really, do they *all* go to Jared? I didn't. :P

  2. We all got frogs at work today, and a little card saying Happy Leap year, some somehow worked out a pun to someting relating to frogs and being monotonous on the phone... can't remember what though.