Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Mac Rant

As many of you know, since I received an Apple iPod for Christmas in 2006, I have been actively listening and watching several podcasts. Naturally I gravitated to the Tech TV refugees who are not podcasting since G4 pulled the plug on the network a few years ago.

I've always respected these broadcasters but lately I'm starting to wonder what I saw in these people. They've always been Mac users and that's never bothered me but lately they've been making snide remarks about how awful using Windows has been. Some of them who were PC users have also switched over to Macs in what looks to me to be nothing short of a cry for attention.

In school I first used Apple software. I used it all the way through high school in limited doses. I didn't go to a tech savvy school so I didn't touch a computer again until my Dad brought me a Tandy when I went off to college. Needless to say I was not impressed with Windows 3.1. I figured it out pretty quick though. I didn't go fumbling around like I was mentally deficient and complain loudly to everyone if I had a problem. Thanks to podcasting and blogs now, that's sadly become much easier.

I've then moved on to Windows 95, Windows 2000, and now Windows XP. I don't have the money for a new machine yet, otherwise I'd probably have Vista by now. I haven't really touched a Mac except to drool over one at the Apple store from time to time, but if I had the money, I would definitely have a Mac too. I love Macs, they have beautiful, easy to use interfaces, their suite of home computing software is second to none, their community, however, has turned into a bunch of overly nerdy little assholes. Not only that, they've apparently become dumb.

To hear a respected broadcaster and geek say that she could not figure out how to install a program using Windows and to hear another featured podcaster cry and complain about not being able to use Vista makes me want to yank out my hair. It's one thing for normal users like me to have problems with an operating system. It's one thing for my friends to have problems with an operating system, and trust me, lots of my friends have had problems with Vista (legitimate problems with Vista that need to be worked out pronto), but to hear people who call themselves geeks say they're having problems makes me want to revoke whatever geek license they received.

Here's why I wish to revoke their geek licenses:

My father is turning 66 years old next month. He has never used a computer before in his life. He couldn't tell you what a gigabyte is or what a NAT router is, but he can operate Windows Vista flawlessly. He unboxed and set up a personal computer on his own, set up EVDO wireless internet on his own, and is now a completely independant computer user.

On the one hand I feel so proud of my 66 year old father who is completely new to computers, on the other hand I feel sorry for these so called power users who have now moaned and complained to their massive audiences and have left themselves out there to look like a bunch of dumbasses.

Despite what dumb "power" Mac users think, I have not had trouble with viruses or spyware, I do not have problems installing software, I do not have problems updating my drivers and software. I did not go to school to learn how to do these things, I learned how to do them on my own.

I guess I've lost a lot of respect for those people who sit on their geek high chairs, yes high chairs and look down on Windows users. But it's not because they're snarky or uppity. It's just because Mac "power" users are just plain dumb. What a shame.


  1. So how was work today?? Oh wait... how the hell am I supposed to sit on my ass and do nothing if you are not there to pick up the slack!!! hehehe... hope you feel better soon...

  2. I think the word you're looking for is douchebag :P
    I went to the school of self taught when it came to computers, dad always had one for work, and I taught myself how to get into Kings Quest, which of course meant learning DOS.
    I taught myself how to defrag, how to move files from one computer to another, well before the days of "drag and drop."

    *lays back down befoer i pass out*