Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Leave Spitzer Alone!

There has been way too much media coverage over soon to be former New York Governor Elliot Spitzer's involvement in a prostitution ring. This kind of coverage is normally reserved for other politicians (you know...Republicans) that think they are above the law and preform acts and break laws that they are sworn to uphold. Honestly they deserve the attention they receive and then some for the sheer hypocricy alone. But...

Spitzer (D), is a victim to the system. The New York Democrat is probably hoping that with the passing of time, people will calm down and let him get back to his job of coddling and caring for us. So leave Elliot, Democrat from New York alone!

He should be allowed to break the some laws now and again and violate the vows of his marriage. His job is stressful! Isn't that how we're supposed to respond in light to other perjuring, adultering democratic politicians?

(this blurb is brought to you by someone who would have heard the word "Republican" about eight hundred times if the Democratic New York Governor had different party affiliations and by someone who's just plain sick and tired of politics altogether.)


  1. ummm... happy belated birthday... your cake is still in the office kitchen... and the vp of admin did no scanning... tee hhee... oh and i will be hungover on wed

  2. ummm.. happy belated birthday... your leftover cake is still at work... the vp of admin did not scan... i put about 30 apps on your desk... the office is sick... and we almost called you to bring us wendys for lunch today... i may be hungover tomorrow... now, which two statements are true??

  3. I love you, Kelly Stern, drunk blogger extraordinaire, but now I am really not looking forward to going back in Wednesday!