Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Lewis Niche

I have gotten a lot of good advice lately on the new social web and blogging, and the main theme is creating and owning a niche. I looked up niche in the dictionary and it's defined as "a position particularly well suited to the person who occupies it". The question is, what on earth is my niche?

Everyone has some sort of talent. Most of us go a long way in life without even knowing what that niche is. Some of us expect or hope for something glamourous such as great acting ability, or being good with nunchucks, but for most of us average, everyday people, we have very simple niches such as being a great family administrator, a good cook, or just someone with a smile that can heal the world.

In the web world, how does that translate on a virtual scale? I can honestly say, that it dosen't in all cases. I may have a keen ear and am a good listener, but that dosen't translate to the internet community well outside of some sort of online therapy or support group, but I'm not qualified as a social worker to help people out.

That would limit me to writing about people's experiences in a hope to help others out. I've learned that the failures that other people make create a lesson to where other people can be spared a lot of grief. Both the person that failed and the person that was saved from failure both benefit. But is that my niche? I don't know.

But if that was my niche, it would involve more imagination than someone who landed a television gig and is now video blogging or someone who is incorporating a brick and morter business onto the web. The good news is creativity knows no bounds. Sometimes all it takes to find that niche is time and a lot of trial and error.

I never set out to be any kind of blogging celebrity, but I do think that there are like minded blue collar people that need a voice, and I hope I can one day become one of those voices. Stay tuned. I have officially started rework on The Lewis Show and hopefully in a few months, I'll be rolling out something nice. I've been around long enough to put out great content, it's time.

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