Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Weekend Sightseeing

I finally got uploads to work! Last weekend Sam, Jessi, Janine, and I stopped by Hollywood Cemetery here in Richmond to take advantage of the clear, sunny, warm day. I took a few pics which I will share with you now. I've always wanted to walk around here at night.

Jessi and Janine checking out the monument to The Confederate Dead. It's freaking tall!

President Monroe is buried out here with his family. Kinda surreal to be this close to a historic figure.

Janine checking out some gravestones on our way out. She loves it there. Maybe there's a house close by for sale?

Like this one? I'm sure this one's out of my price range, but if I could, I would in a second! We both love this type of architecture.
This shot highlights the old city and finality blended with the new city and tomorrow being a new day.

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