Saturday, March 22, 2008

Three Day Weekends, FTW!

What a fun weekend so far!

Sam and Jessi came into town yesterday afternoon to see the Clutch show at The National. We all went to Red Lobster for dinner and then it was off to get our jam on. I have to admit we have a very, very nice venue in The National. They are still restoring the place like crazy on the outside, but the inside is a living breathing piece of art. It's an amazing place and I look forward to going to a lot more shows there.

We kinda snoozed through the opening acts, I'm sure they have a following out there somewhere, but it's definitely not us. Clutch however was just simply amazing. For a band that has earned it's "stoner" rock label, they can bring a lot of intensity! I had such a good time though. It's weird, the floor has an incline and standing there for a long period of time can be very painful indeed. I do believe Sam, Jessi, and Janine had a good time too. That makes me glad.

This morning, we all rounded up again and had Shoneys for breakfast. The one thing about that popular breakfast buffet is the food there will stick to you for hours, and hours, and hours. Good food though. It's one of the few places that actually makes crisp bacon. I can't understand anyone who wants to chew and chew and chew on bacon.

We then went to Hollywood Cemetery. It was a beautiful day out and we figured it was good to get out in the air a little and enjoy the local scenery. The cemetery itself is sobering of course of the finality of life that surrounds one there, but the place also has a calming and peaceful effect. I took lots of pics, and I'll post them shortly.

So far I've had a fun weekend and I hope that will continue with Janine being off work tomorrow. Hooray!

Here's some Clutch..I just love this song!

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  1. Hey is that the Norva?
    We had a great time, though I hope the National does something about that floor. I'll have to wear heels and stand backwards next time.