Sunday, April 13, 2008

Food Lesson - Eating Out

A big downfall for Janine and me is when we decide not to cook and go out for the evening to dinner, etc. We had traditionally let go completely and get the yummiest items on the menu. Most of the time that involves something that's been fried, breaded, you get the idea.

Last night, I thought we would try an experiment. Here's the results and the lessons that were learned:

We went to Red Lobster because I was craving seafood, specifically shrimp, scallops, and fish. After watching Hell's Kitchen I had seen enough scallops and wanted to eat some myself. Normally I get the hugemongus Captain's Platter which has a little bit of everything in it, fries, and soda. My first goal, then, was to try something smaller. I got a broiled platter instead. I also avoided anything remotely fried and got a baked potato. I washed everything down with unsweetened tea.

Janine did really good, she had the broiled tilapia with vegetables. Funny moment, I reached out to her plate and grabbed what I thought was a piece of squash. Turns out that was a lemon slice which tore through my palate like a razor blade! Blech!

Overall, I did great. This was a considerable improvement for me.

But Red Lobster has that one secret weapon.

Their rolls. I am convinced the angels themselves came from heaven and baked those for us at one time and while I am thankful for their heavenly gift, it's not the best item to eat by the basket during any diet.

Going from fried to broiled too, isn't the biggest improvement, there's plenty butter involved, so that is better, but I'm not quite there yet.

So the big lesson for me to go to Red Lobster as a splurge or reward for eating better, not as a step towards eating better. God's own rolls are going to lure me every time. Now once the rest of my diet gets around, maybe I can start losing some weight, stay tuned.

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