Saturday, April 5, 2008

Food Prep is NOT Easy

What a lazy day! It's been raining outside here in the Old Dominion for most of the afternoon and I've spent most of the day lounging around and casually cleaning the house. I have to admit things are looking much nicer lately. We do have this moldy smell that springs up when it rains though. I guess that means it's time to do some serious spring cleaning around the house soon.

I've been putting off a big project all day and that's food planning for the household. We both have hit our threshold for eating out and it's the right time to eat smart and eat at home. My first goal is to write down a list of fruits that I can/will eat. There's no need for me to write down grapefruit when I think grapefruit is nasty. I like apples, but I have to really be in the mood, so that gets scratched from the list too. I do like grapes and bananas so that gets on the list.

I don't want to exclude meat from our diet, but most of the meat that we do eat at home is red, so we need to swap a lot of that out with chicken, turkey, even occasionally some pork. We both love my hamburgers, so I think that can remain a staple, but one night instead of beef tacos, we can have chicken or even fish tacos. I heard fish tacos are tasty, despite how disgusting it sounds.

Veggies are next. I love me some broccoli, cauliflower, spinach leaves, basic salads, onions, green beans, corn, and squash. It's very important for me to start eating these vegetables now so I need to start implementing them with our meal plan right away.

My biggest weakness is bread. I cannot enjoy any meal without some kind of bread included. I think if I start out by moving to wheat rolls and wheat bread, that will help me take some steps and halfway eat healthy besides the empty carbs that I get from white breads.

Next up is water. I drink entirely too much Coca Cola. For now I'm going to cut to 12oz a day which is a big cutback from the usual 36oz I'm getting a day now. That is all sugar and as much as a cold Coke makes me happy, it's time to swap that out for plain old fashioned water. Yuck! I can do this, but...yuck!

Desserts are the big downfall. We both crave something sweet, but there are ways to do this and not plump up in the process. The challenge for me to to find low fat alternatives to Oreos or chocolate chip cookies. For instance, I like oatmeal cookies. I can eat two oatmeal cookies and probably not feel as if I'm wasting away and missing out on life.

Quitting smoking was easy compared to changing our diet, but with hard work and a good routine, anyone can eat better. Even me.

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